Youth Forum

Meet the RSBC Youth Forum


The RSBC Youth Forum is a group of vision impaired young people committed to bringing about positive change for young people who are blind or partially sighted. They want to ensure that the voices of vision impaired young people are heard. They work to represent their views and opinions, highlight the issues that are important to them, influence those that can affect change and bring about improvements in services.

RBSC Youth Forum

Our Vision:

‘We want to make sure we are actively hearing the voice of visually impaired young people, and acting on what we here to create the best future we can for them’

Our Mission Statement:

‘We will work to raise awareness and challenge perceptions of vision impairments in young people, to represent their views and opinions, highlight the issues that affect them, and make sure we’re doing our best to influence those that can effect change and bringing about improvements in services in both RSBC and external organisations.’

Our Values:

Trust – We trust each other and other young people in all of our actions

Confidence – We will have the confidence to speak up and be advocates for those that need it

Resilience – We will not be deterred; we will keep pushing forward and never give up

Compassion – We will treat everyone with open ears and sensitivity, we will welcome all

Commitment – We will work hard and commit to what we need to, to get the best outcomes

Inclusivity – We are open to everyone and will continue to make sure that we are a voice for everyone


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