A young man is being taught how to use an accessible keyboard by his teacher. They are sitting next to each other at a desk and smiling.

Dorton College – Curriculum

Dorton College is an independent specialist day college for young people aged 16-25 with a Visual Impairment, and some with additional needs. We are the only specialist college for young people with a Visual Impairment in London and the South east region.

Based in the London Borough of Bromley, we have students attend from across London and adjoining counties.

Dorton works closely with a range of partners, from mainstream and specialist settings to vocational providers, to ensure that students get the very best from their time with us.

A Bespoke Person-Centred Curriculum

Each student has their own individualised bespoke curriculum based on their assessed needs. Most students have an EHCP (Education, health and care plan) and will have a full pre-entry assessment before they come to the college, to make sure we are able to meet all the needs.

  • Access to our VI adapted day provision hub, which is close to public transport links and local shops and businesses.
  • One to one Employability and Careers sessions, that tailor the employment ambitions and skills of the individual student and links this with providers in both education provisions and local businesses.
  • Access to a range of Careers Independent Advice and Guidance (CIAG) sessions.
  • Opportunities to access Supported Internships and Apprenticeships with specialist VI support.
  • Weekly one to one Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired (QTVI) sessions, to ensure that student progress against Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and overall academic outcomes is being made.
  • Habilitation and Mobility sessions, which includes customised independent living skills and travel training.
  • Other specialist services/therapies, such as Occupational Therapy, SaLT, physiotherapy, and as individual need requires.
  • Access to the most up to date assistive technologies (including most licences), for VI students to enable access to education.
  • Specialist equipment (as assessed).
  • Weekly one to one tutoring sessions to offer time and space to address any areas for development or concern.
  • Specialist braille tutoring.
  • ‘Jigsaw’ skills for independent living extended curriculum, which covers personal, social and health education, additionally exploring current topics of national and international interest from a VI perspective.

Accredited Learning

Our students study a range of qualifications from Entry Level learning up to Level 3 qualifications. There is a vast range of accredited learning and qualifications to choose from at both partnership colleges and the VI specialist hub, facilitated by our Accreditation Coordinator.


Dorton College has a strong focus on Transition in, during and out of college to ensure smooth progress throughout. From feeder school visits, to pre entry assessments, to starting at the college and progressing learning each year, towards graduation and life post college, our Transitions Coordinator will ensure an individualised process which ensures students achieve their aspirations and reach their desired individual outcomes.

Ofsted said:

“Learning programmes are highly individualised and designed to meet the needs and aspirations of each student; students can access a broad curriculum.”


Diagram with circles representing the Dorton College curriculum structure