Cycling Superstar Beatrice Raises Funds for RSBC – Join Her Journey

A 5-year-old girl in bright coloured striped jumper, pulka dot waistcoat and colourful cycle helmet, sitting on her bicycle on the pavement. Her mum is behind her.

Help cycling superstar Beatrice meet her fundraising target! 

Meet one of RSBC’s youngest – but most determined – supporters, five year-old Beatrice from Tunbridge Wells. 

Part of a sporty family, Beatrice decided to take on the challenge of cycling 100 kilometres before she reached her 5th birthday on 26th December 2023. And through dedication, hard work and perseverance, she did it with two days to spare. What an achievement! 

Her mum, Faye, says, “As well as being very committed, Beatrice is sparky and inquisitive. After she’d completed her challenge, she became interested in raised braille dots and what they were for. We talked about how some other children weren’t able to see, and so they read the dots instead. Lots of questions later, we discussed how charities helped people when they needed it, and that gave us the idea of trying to raise £1,000 for charity to celebrate her completed challenge. She decided to support RSBC to help blind children.” 

Through the generosity of friends and family, Beatrice has done incredibly well and raised hundreds of pounds so far. She still has some way to go, though, and she hasn’t quite achieved her fundraising target yet.  

But you can help her reach her goal! Just click the link to her JustGiving page to make a donation. You’ll be supporting an incredible little girl who wants to help other children.   

Help Beatrice meet her target: 

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