Help with the selection and interview process

A woman giving a talk at an employment event

As soon as a vision impaired person tells you they want to apply for a job, you have a duty to help them.

You must not refuse to interview or employ someone because they’re disabled.

Applicants may tell you about their disability at different stages of the process. You’re not allowed to ask them about their health or disability until you:

  • offer them a job
  • plan to offer them a job when a position is available (for example, if you’re opening a new workplace)

Before the interview

If you use an online application form, make sure that the process is accessible for people using screen readers or other adaptive software.

By providing a phone number, you give any applicants who need adjustments an opportunity to call you and discuss their needs.

If you know an applicant is vision impaired you should:

  • ask if they need support to apply
  • make sure they’re able to apply (for example, provide large print or digital forms)

At the interview

If you know an applicant is VI you can help if you:

  • ask what help they need
  • make any necessary changes to the interview format
  • make any necessary changes to the assessment (for example, offer a large print version) or allow them to bring their own laptop which may have the software they need to complete the task


Find out more about how to attract, recruit and keep disabled employees on GOV.UK

If you’re interested in employing or offering work experience to a VI person, call 020 3198 0225 or email