Getting the right support for your child at school

You can apply for an education, health and care plan (EHCP) for your child with your local authority.

You might already have an EHCP in place from when you originally registered your child as vision impaired.

The plan is a legal document that lists your child’s needs and what kind of support they are entitled to. The plan can, for example, help with:

  • making sure your child gets the right learning materials, for example, braille, tablets, screen readers
  • possible one-to-one support from staff
  • solving problems when things go wrong, for example, if your child is excluded from certain activities, bullying, or if your child isn’t thriving in the way they should

The plan will also list learning outcomes your child should achieve in a certain amount of time. This will make it easier for you to monitor your child’s development.

RSBC tip - your council can help

The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) team at your council has experience helping vision impaired children. Use them. Google ‘SEND team’, and the name of your council if you have trouble finding the right person.


To get an EHCP, follow these steps:

Google ‘EHCP’ and the name of your council.

This should get you the right page for the special education needs and disability (SEND) team that deals with this in your area.

It will tell you how to request an assessment.

On the correct council page you will be able to request an assessment for your child’s EHCP.

Someone from the local SEND team will get back to you within 6 weeks and tell you if and when the assessment will take place. During that time they will ask you and others, for example, your child’s doctors, for information about your child.

If your child qualifies for an assessment, a SEND team worker will meet with you and your child to find out what exactly they need from a school.

During the assessment, the SEND worker will talk to you and your child as well as people who have worked with your child, for example, doctors, teachers or other professionals.

If your child qualifies for an EHCP the SEND team will write it and send you a copy. Your child’s school and your GP will also get a copy. If your child doesn’t qualify, the SEN team has to get back to you within 16 weeks after the assessment and tell you why.

There will be a meeting with you, your child and the SEND team to draft the EHCP.

Together you decide what kind of help your child needs. This is then be written down in the EHCP. You can ask someone from the RSBC to help you prepare for this meeting or for them to come along and support you.

Once the EHCP is written you’ll get a copy. You can comment on the EHCP and discuss any changes with the SEND team.

Your local SEND team will review the EHCP once a year. They will get in touch with you when it’s due for a review and invite you to a meeting to discuss any changes.

Published: June 2018 

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