Abigail the awesome

A young girl wearing glasses with one arm up and looking confident.

You may have heard of Abigail when, in Spring 2021, Abigail and mum Debbie had just done a sponsored walk dressed as a pirate (Abigail) and princess (Debbie), raising a smashing £2,000 for RSBC.

This year, we caught up with Debbie to share with you some news about Abigail’s life without limits. Abigail who is nearly eight, has come on in leaps and bounds with the support of an RSBC Family Practitioner, Kim. Abigail is growing in confidence all the time and now, when she’s struggling to see something at school or elsewhere, she tells people. Debbie says that if they hadn’t heard about RSBC, Abigail wouldn’t be doing so well.

Meeting with Abigail’s mum

What’s Abigail been up to since we last spoke?

Abigail met with a new RSBC Family Practitioner, Kim. Because Kim could go into school again, Abigail was absolutely made up. She didn’t really like the online stuff, preferring face to face to video calls – she likes to feel people around her.

How has Kim been helping Abigail?

Abigail’s really confident but she struggles to say to people, at school or appointments for example, “I can’t see that.” She always just gets on with things. Kim’s been helping her with feeling confident to say things like that. She also has some sensory issues so Kim’s been helping her with sensory things too.

How are things at school?

They’ve got a good nurture programme, and obviously RSBC go in too. Abigail’s really happy with all that. RSBC directed us to help at school. Abigail tells me her favourite subject is maths! If we hadn’t learned about RSBC, she wouldn’t be doing as well. As a parent, sometimes you feel a bit lost and you don’t know who to turn to. That’s a side of RSBC I’m very grateful for.

What message do you have for RSBC’s supporters?

To all the supporters I say thank you very much. Families like Abigail and myself couldn’t get support if we didn’t have the support from people who donate.

Photos of Abigail living a life without limits!

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