Kyle’s story

Kyle enjoys life again

Fifteen-year-old Kyle is living with nystagmus, an eye condition which causes constant involuntary eye movements and his vision to be reduced. He was experiencing blackouts and panic attacks.

He couldn’t return to school last September, play sport or even enjoy a family day out. Lynzey, Kyle’s mum, was desperate to help him, as were his teachers, and one of them suggested Lynzey talk to RSBC. We knew Kyle needed urgent help and thanks to our supporters we were able to give it to him. Kyle began to work with one of our Family Practitioners, Amy. Amy slowly began to teach Kyle some techniques to help with his anxiety.

Thanks to Amy, he’s learning to overcome it and is getting his life back.

Amy says, “It was baby steps at first but now Lynzey and I can’t believe how far Kyle has come.” Kyle has just taken his GCSEs, which was something he couldn’t even have thought possible at the beginning of the school year.

Lynzey wants to say a huge thank you.

“Kyle is beginning to enjoy life again, which wouldn’t have happened without RSBC.”