Queen, dressed in yellow, greets a line of children holding Union Jack flags at the opening of Dorton College.

Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee together for RSBC

The Queen celebrates 70 years of her reign in 2022. Learn about some creative and fun ways you can celebrate the milestone through engaging activities in support of the Royal Society for Blind Children.

2022 marks an important milestone for one of the Royal Society for Blind Children’s (RSBC) most well-known supporters. Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her platinum jubilee – marking 70 years of her reign in the United Kingdom.

In honour of our Royal Patron, we have put together seven ideas for 70 years of the Queen’s reign. Try one or more of these ideas during your jubilee celebrations or try your own idea with friends and family, colleagues and your community and raise vital funds for the Royal Society for Blind Children.


Seven ways to mark the Jubilee

Bake it – Quiz it – Do it – Make it – Donate it – Give it – Share it

Bake it

Hold a bake sale in aid of RSBC during your jubilee celebrations to raise funds for blind children. Bake your best celebration cakes or challenge yourself to make a tasty platinum pudding! Share treats with friends, family and colleagues for a donation to RSBC.

Quiz it

Four people smiling at the camera and holding Union Jack flags. They are sitting outside in front of a table for a tea party, celebrating the Platinum Jubilee.

Looking for an activity that brings everyone together? A classic quiz is the best way to do it. Email fundraising@rsbc.org.uk for our entertaining guide to hosting a quiz with a few suggested questions to get you started. Remember to ask your quizzers for a donation to RSBC to take part!

Do it

Challenge yourself to walk 7,000 extra steps each day or walk seven miles during the jubilee. Don’t fancy walking, why not run, cycle or swim instead? Could you up the challenge, such as reaching 70 miles on a bike over the jubilee or signing up for one of RSBC’s 2022 London Marathon places. Don’t forget to get your family and friends to sponsor whatever you choose to do.

Make it

Got a crafting talent? Why not put it to good use and raise some funds for RSBC. You could offer small crafts such as badges or flags for a donation to RSBC, or you could hold a raffle in aid of RSBC for something larger. Don’t sweat if you have nothing ready to go. Just pledge to make a piece for the winner. Go to our campaign page for details on how to fundraise.

Donate it

Try raising £70 amongst friends and family or donate £7 for blind children. However you choose to, you can find out about the ways to make a donation here.

Give it

Give your time and pledge to volunteer for RSBC. Our volunteering options are super flexible and can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. It can be a day or several hours (depending on the type of role you want to take on). However, whatever time you could give would be amazing. Find out about our volunteering opportunities here.

Share it

Share a picture of yourself at the platinum jubilee celebrations and raise awareness of a fantastic cause! Ask your followers to donate to RSBC or join our Jubilee Campaign. You could add a picture of yourself or a family member from a past jubilee. How far back can you go? Share the photos on your social media using our unique hashtag #JubileeForRSBC.

You can also share your fundraising challenges and the memories created around the Platinum Jubilee in a personalised way via Just Giving.

Remember you can keep up to date with events through the Jubilee by following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) and by using the unique hashtag #JubileeForRSBC with your posts.

Donating to RSBC

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