How did Wasilat get a job as a blind carer?

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Wasilat is 21 years old and is partially sighted, with the eye condition retinal dysplasia. She has been on RSBC’s Employability programme since October 2015 and joined with the goal to gain the confidence to work as a care worker. She has recently been given the news that she has got a job!

RSBC’s Employability programme works with 18 – 25 year-olds looking to find work across London. The programme offers participants workshops on topics such as CV writing, assistive technology and interview skills. “I joined the programme because my confidence was very low” Wasilat says.

Through a series of one-to-one meetings and group workshops the team helped Wasilat boost her confidence and belief in her ability to get work. She learned to write and format her CV as well as the skill of writing effective cover letters. Through mock interviews Wasilat gained the confidence to speak about her passion for caring for others and demonstrate that her vision impairment is no barrier to work as a carer.

Armed with these skills, Wasilat began applying for work, and she was soon invited for an interview. “I was nervous at first,” Wasilat says, “but then I told myself to go in there and do my best. If I didn’t get it, other opportunities would come.”

The interview was a clear success as it wasn’t long before Wasilat was called with the job offer.

“I really wanted this job so badly since last year, so to get it was good news.”

Before starting in the role, Wasilat will undergo two weeks of training. She will help care for elderly people, and will be involved with taking them out on day trips and providing overnight care. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do” says a very proud Wasilat, fully aware that what she has achieved is still rare for vision impaired people.

90% of blind people who lose their sight in youth will not work for more than six months in their lives; nevertheless Wasilat’s advice to her vision impaired peers is to remain determined. “Just go for it. You don’t know what’s going to happen. It will work out.”

Inspired by Wasilat’s story?

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