Finding ways to let your sight impaired baby know you are there and love them

Vision impaired babies may not react to eye contact or react very little. This is why it’s important to find other ways to make them aware of who you are and that you are there for them.

Trust yourself

You’re the baby’s parent, do what feels right to you. Try not to compare your child to what other babies do. Every baby is different.

Touch your baby often

Touch helps your baby to know that you are there and gives them reassurance and security.

Talk to your baby often

Talk to your baby when you are around. Let them know you are there. Speak in a calm and soft voice to reassure them.

Your baby may need extra help sometimes to understand what is happening, for example when you go to pick them up or dress them, they may not be able to see you so are startled by your touch.

Tell your baby what you are about to do. For example, when you pick them up, you can say ‘I’m going to pick you up now’.

This might feel strange at first because they can’t understand what you are saying. However, it tells your baby that you are near and helps them make a connection.

Take things slowly

Your baby might need time to respond to your voice and touch. Wait for them to do so. It might take time. If you’re worried, speak to our Family Support Service or your child’s nursery teacher.


RSBC can help you with:

  • practical advice about your child’s development
  • support when you feel overwhelmed
  • understanding your child’s vision impairment better
  • living as a family and being supportive of each other

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Published: December 2017 

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