Registering your child as vision impaired with your local council

Once your child has a Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI), you can decide if you want to register them as vision impaired with your local council.

This will help you to get you support from your local council, including support for your child's development from the council's specialist education vision impairment service.

You don't have to register your child. It is completely up to you. Your council may contact you to let you know about the benefits of registering.


To register follow these steps:

  1. The eye specialist at the hospital can send a copy of the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) to your local council. The information on the certificate is completely confidential.
  2. Someone from the social services team at your local council will contact you within two weeks and ask if you want your child to be on the register for blind and partially sighted people.
  3. If you put your child on the register, the local council will do an assessment with your child to find out what kind of help they might need. For example, support in education or help when getting around. This could include an Education Health and Care Plan.
  4. There is nothing else you need to do. When you apply for certain discounts, for example, a blue badge for free parking, travel discounts, tax allowance for blind people, the local council or government will check if your child is on the register.

If you are worried about your child’s vision there is more information about diagnosing your child’s vision here.


RSBC can help you with:

  • practical advice about your child’s development
  • support when you feel overwhelmed
  • understanding your child’s vision impairment better
  • living as a family and being supportive of each other

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Published: October 2017

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