Research the jobs you want to go for

Once you roughly know what you are interested in, try these steps:

  • Write your CV. There is lots of help online for this, the National Careers Service has detailed tips for CVs and covering letters, as do Startprofile and Barclays Life Skills. You might also want to start a LinkedIn profile to give you an online presence.
  • Google the jobs you are interested in or try the job profiles from the National Career Service to get an idea of what employers are asking for (entry requirements), salaries etc.
  • Use social media to find jobs - search for jobs that interest you on Twitter or Facebook. Many people post jobs on these sites, especially creative and media jobs. Also, sign up for job emails on LinkedIn. Many companies advertise their jobs there.
  • Talk to people you know who are already working to find out how they found their job and if there are any opportunities for you there. It’s really important to network when looking for employment.
  • Be realistic and make a shortlist of the jobs you think you can do and the employers that offer these jobs.
  • Check if the jobs you want to apply for have application forms. If they do, will you need someone to help you fill them in? Identify who that person is.
  • Talk to an adviser from the National Career Service - they can help you find employers for jobs you are interested in.

If you live in London, RSBC can help you:

Through a combination of one-to-one mentoring and interactive group workshops, we help you build the skills you’ll need for job-hunting all the way through to employment.

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Published: October 2017 

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