A young woman at a traffic light holding a cane

Dorton College – Independent Living Skills

At Dorton College we offer a range of programmes to develop independent living skills. Programmes are unique to each student and are based around assessed needs, EHCP Outcomes and student aspirations of what they would like to learn.  We will build on prior learning to ensure maximum progress is made.

In our Dorton College VI specialist hub we have an independent living skills area, that contains specialist adapted equipment to enable students to learn to increase their range of skills and activities with increased independence in a range of areas. .

We have a specialist VI curriculum called ‘Jigsaw’ which is tailored to the individual to ensure they are learning the skills in the areas they want to develop and keeping post college aspirations and EHCP outcomes in focus. Our Jigsaw curriculum is formally accredited by AQA from the academic year 22-23 onwards.

Our Independent Living Skills curriculum works in close conjunction with our Occupational Therapist to ensure all equipment, resources and techniques are appropriate and adapted for the individual to progress towards increased independence.

At our partnership college, there are adapted kitchens and equipment that students can access on some of their courses and Dorton College students are supported by their VI LSA’s to ensure that all access and use of equipment and facilities are VI adapted.