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Dorton College – Students

At Dorton College we work in a person-centered way. Students are at the very centre of everything we do and each curriculum and college life is built around the student and their needs, aspirations and outcomes. There is a rich and diverse timetable which reflects the individual needs of each student.

Student Voice

Student voice is reflected in all that we do. Students have opportunities to input into how they want their curriculum to be and are involved in every step of the way in their college journey.

As part of our student voice activities, we run a ‘You said, We did’ suggestions box. Students can write suggestions in their preferred form and leave it in the suggestions box and it will be added to the ‘You said, we did’ list for consideration in order to make sure that the college truly reflects the students who attend. Some of the suggestions have been things like, having a relaxation area, redesigning the VI hub, different day trips and much more!

Student Forum

Students are regularly asked to contribute to the quarterly Governors meetings. They can make suggestions, give feedback or take anything they feel needs to be presented to the Governing Body.  We have just created a new Student Forum to make this process more accessible and interactive.


Students have weekly opportunities for Enterprise activities and have run their own company for the last few years called ‘The Big E’. Last year they made crafts, held raffles and sales across the different campuses and raise a large amount of money. The students get to collectively decide on what they would like to spend it on, or whether they want to reinvest their profits into their next venture.


Students have access to a wide range of enrichment opportunities across Dorton College and our partnership providers. There is a weekly enrichment afternoon where students can choose activities such as going to the gym, swimming, table tennis, pool, going out in the community, gardening, and much more. We also run meditation and yoga sessions especially for VI. We run regular external trips such as visiting the theatre or going out for a meal or to the bowling alley.